Tour Rentals

If you want to visit a classic place in Europe or go to an exotic place in Asia, immediately you will Google to the nearest tour operator. It’s a question that has troubled the travel industry for some time—has the wealth internet resources and the rise of digital booking tools signaled the end of tour operators?

To outshine in this industry you need extra gears. There is much real-time automated online booking software for travel and tour operators to accept calendar based online booking system to various tourism destinations. HomestayDNN’s airbnb clone script is powerful and scalable holiday rental solution that will help you grow your business. This application is ideal for tour agencies and tour operators to list out their services in an Airbnb-like platform.

HomestayDNN’s Airbnb clone script for tours is a one-stop solution with integrated native mobile apps. This platform allows you to browse through many tour operators and choose the one with the best tour packages at affordable prices. Like airbnb this Tour Rental website can provide you with an easy to use interface that gets you access to all the local tour operators. Just enter your location and search for tour packages based on prices, availability, etc. Along with the web application, you can drive your business in mobile devices through iOS and Android apps. Through our CMS module, you can manage all the static pages such as, contact us, Mail ID, PayPal and other necessary changes would be according to your needy. The user can experience an amazing walkthrough with our script.

So uplift your business with our airbnb script for tours and get benefited with our uninterrupted revenue model.

Key Features
  • Wish list
  • Coupon Code
  • Invite friends
  • Seasonal Pricing Module
  • Instant Booking
  • Calendar Module
Revenue Model
  • commission for each booking
  • additional service charge
  • listing fee